Science workshops for children

Children are at the heart of all we do and we are pleased to offer an exciting and inspiring range of workshops for primary classes in school. Choose from science curriculum topics, thematic units or contact us to arrange bespoke provision.

Bubbles Galore

Are all bubbles the same shape? Who can make the biggest bubble? Is it better to use warm or cold water to make bubble mixture? All of these questions, and more, will be explored in this practical workshop as children make their own bubble mixture, bubble wands and of course bubbles galore! (KS1/EYFS)

Exploring Evolution


In this highly creative and practical workshop, pupils discover how offspring vary and are not identical to their parents, they find out how fossils are formed and provide valuable information about living things that inhabited the earth millions of years ago. They discover how animal adapt to suit their environments and how these adaptations can lead to evolution. (KS2)

Electrifying Energy

This workshop helps explore some of the more difficult concepts behind the knowledge and understanding of electricity. Using humans in a circuit to light up a bulb and experiencing a fruit that can run a clock are just two of the more intriguing ways of teaching this tricky scientific concept. (KS2)

How Our Bodies Work

The journey of food from chewing to pooing! Engage your pupils with this unforgettable, practical and messy lesson on how liquids and nutrients are transported within animals and humans.

Alternatively explore what blood is made from, the human heart and carry out a range of investigations to find out what effects our heart rate. Suitable for KS2

The Secrets of Our Solar System.

Solar System

Comets, asteroids, moons and planets are discovered through a range of maths and science activities. Discover why we have leap years, the devastating effects a meteor has upon moons and planets and how small we really are. Suitable for UKS2

Mad and Messy Materials


This workshop provides a day of exploration and investigation into the properties of different materials with the emphasis on hands –on practical team work activities. The pupils will tackle problem solving activities that develop a range of key skills & knowledge from the science curriculum. Each pupil will make their own slime toy to take away with them

Curious Creatures


How does an Emperor Penguin keep warm in conditions that would quite literally freeze the skin off our faces? Why do some creatures have wings yet they are unable to fly and why are some creatures black and white and yet others are brightly coloured? All of these questions will be explored through practical investigations, observations and team work. This workshop can be adapted to suit KS1 (covering objectives from Animals including Humans) or KS2 (covering Evolution)

Does It Matter?


A lively and interactive workshop giving you lots of safe and practical ideas to help your pupils to understand solids, liquids and gases and how and when they change. The workshop ends with pupils working together to make ice cream in bag in under 10 minutes.

Help! I’ve Forgotten My Lunch

Fruit Bowl

A science visitor arrives to tell your class about different food types and the importance of a balanced diet. However, the visitor has forgotten her lunch and asks the pupils to work scientifically sorting and classifying a range of foods before putting what they have learned into practice by making her a healthy balanced lunch box. (KS1)

A Rock is Born

In this workshop your pupils will have the opportunity to classify and sort and range of rock and fossil samples based on their physical properties. They will discover how rocks and fossils are formed in a range of practical activities before going on to make their own fossils to take home. (LKS2)

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