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From September 2017 or pricing structure is as follows:

Full day – £500 +VAT and expenses
Part day – £350 +VAT and expenses

Essential science update for science leaders

The government are looking to update the assessment of science and have already begun to carry out research into curriculum problems. Keep up-to-date with the very latest government changes especially in assessment, monitoring and curriculum design as well as Ofsted’s focus on Primary Science. This full day course is an essential part of a Science Subject Leader’s calendar.

Assessment made easy

This full day course examines how to ensure assessment judgements are accurate, what evidence to use in making these judgements and how to record progress. During the day we will identify best practice, dispel common myths and examine the uses of a host of ideas, activities and materials to help make judgements about attainment in primary science.

Working as young scientists in the primary years

Understanding the nature, processes and methods of science through the biology, chemistry and physics element is a key part of the science curriculum. This course examines how to ensure progress in the essential skills required for each key stage by placing the working scientifically element at the heart of the science curriculum. A hands-on, practical course that is full of inspiring ideas for all types of enquiry.

Full STEAM ahead for a richer curriculum

Most teachers agree that creative, cross-curricular approaches capture children’s interest and enhance the learning experience. STEM subjects are high on the agenda now and through this course we aim to present planning for ideas and activities that include all these subjects while also incorporating the ARTS.

Recording in primary science

Having a grasp of scientific knowledge, understanding concepts and learning scientific skills are all important aspects of primary science but do we have to record everything they do and what is really meant by recording in science? This full day course examines the most effective strategies for recording science learning. A variety of ideas and activities (including the use of FLOOR BOOKS or Big Books) will be experienced in order to demonstrate that recording of science can be done more creatively and for a variety of purposes.

To differentiate or not to differentiate? – that is the question

The expectation that all children will achieve the National Standard for Science has raised the question about differentiation in the subject and whether mastery, or deep, secure learning, has replaced it. This course will examine just what differentiation means in science and how to ensure all children reach their expected potential.

Science in the early years

Young children are natural scientists and we need to foster their sense of curiosity by providing them with interesting and exciting science lessons that engage and stimulate a sense of wonder. This course aims to provide ideas and activities that can be used in early years setting to develop the Understand of the World area of the foundation stage curriculum. It will be a hands-on session with plenty of practical advice for delivering a rich early years’ provision.


FUNtastic Science to spark the imaginations of every young scientist A full day of practical, imaginative and engaging activities to enhance the science curriculum. Children and teachers will be taken on a journey of discovery that will ensure engagement in the awe and wonder of science.

Perfect planning

Planning for a high quality primary science curriculum. Perhaps understandably since the launch of curriculum 2014 many schools have focused on mathematics and English. However, with greater teacher confidence in teaching and assessing these two subjects and the acknowledgement of an increased Ofsted focus on science, schools are turning their attention to the often-forgotten core subject of science. During the day, we will examine how to plan for a high-quality science curriculum in any setting from single classes to a variety of mixed ages as well as ensuring the subject is fully covered in each Key Stage.





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